I’m Gina Prosch, and as the header says…I write.

Sometimes it’s fiction — comic books, comic strips, and children’s books — while other times it’s nonfiction — micro-memoir pieces, blog posts, and magazine articles.

My longest running project was #ThisDaysJoy, where every single day for more than 10 years, I recorded one good thing that had happened during the day. To check that out, look for my books This Days Joy (a collection of 365 of my #TDJ meditations) and Finding This Day’s Joy (a guided journal), both of which are available for sale online.

The deliberate search for joy and positivity is also the topic of Joy! You Find What You Look For, my upcoming illustrated children’s book. It’s available for pre-order at Boy’s Town Press, Amazon, and other online retailers. The book helps kids (and adults!) learn to look for the good things that are there.

Even in a world that oftentimes seems to have gone mad, opting for joy is a choice. Gina Prosch Writes opens that window on the world of deliberately seeking joy.

Free subscribers will receive periodic mailings, but subscribers have access to my complete archives which contains a year’s worth of #ThisDaysJoy posts, as well as longer essays.

This is also the spot where I’ll let you know what books are coming out and where I’ll be speaking (give me a holler if you’d like to schedule a presentation).

All best,

PS—Please visit me online at ginaprosch.com.

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